#26: Finicky January

If you’re a snow lover, you’ve been in luck…at least in New Jersey. It’s been snowing off and on a lot lately. In fact, the weather here has been absolutely crazy the past few weeks!

January started off rather warm. As a warm-weather lover, I was beyond happy. Then it suddenly dipped down to below-average-near-record temperatures—mainly in the teens. To me, this was the worst weather that we’ve ever had. My hands feel dry and my lips are always cracked. It snowed a few times, although never anything substantial enough to build a snowman or a snow angel. I hate that, too. If it’s going to snow, I’d prefer to have it snow enough to go have fun and it (and get a day off from school, of course). It pretty much snows for a few hours, causing icy roads and dangerous conditions, then haphazardly stops, leaving nothing but a tracing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sixty-five degrees, a sharp contrast from the snow yesterday morning and Friday night. The weather feels very finicky, like you never know what will come next. Tomorrow night is supposed to bring spring-like thunderstorms…uh-oh!

How’s the weather near you guys? How’ve you been?

Until next time,