#28: The Moorestown Mall

When rain and stormy weather strike—and there has been no shortage of either of the two this summer—there’s always one place in New Jersey that’s dry and safe, and that’s the Moorestown Mall. I ventured there a few days ago to beat the terrible weather. The mall itself is really nicely decorated; fountains throughout the mall and in the food court create a comforting and inviting ambience. The food court itself was clean, with a fairly large selection to choose from, including the Jersey mall-staple Saladworks. The layout of the mall is a little abnormal, which at times can make it difficult to follow or find what you’re looking for, but overall it’s not too confusing. The mall feels empty at times, with many vacant storefronts and even fewer passerby (I was there on a Saturday night—what typically would seem like a fairly crowded mall time). But mall rats and shop-a-holics need not worry, because the stores that are there are quite nice—Lord and Taylors, American Eagle, Hollister, several jewelry stores and several other typical mall stores. All in all? The Moorestown Mall is definitely an enjoyable place to spend a few hours!

Tomorrow I’m going down the shore, so I’ll be sure to share some of the fun with you guys! Remember you can follow me on Twitter @thenewnewjersey to get the latest updates!

Until next time,