#26: Finicky January

If you’re a snow lover, you’ve been in luck…at least in New Jersey. It’s been snowing off and on a lot lately. In fact, the weather here has been absolutely crazy the past few weeks!

January started off rather warm. As a warm-weather lover, I was beyond happy. Then it suddenly dipped down to below-average-near-record temperatures—mainly in the teens. To me, this was the worst weather that we’ve ever had. My hands feel dry and my lips are always cracked. It snowed a few times, although never anything substantial enough to build a snowman or a snow angel. I hate that, too. If it’s going to snow, I’d prefer to have it snow enough to go have fun and it (and get a day off from school, of course). It pretty much snows for a few hours, causing icy roads and dangerous conditions, then haphazardly stops, leaving nothing but a tracing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sixty-five degrees, a sharp contrast from the snow yesterday morning and Friday night. The weather feels very finicky, like you never know what will come next. Tomorrow night is supposed to bring spring-like thunderstorms…uh-oh!

How’s the weather near you guys? How’ve you been?

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I’m Back <3

Hello readers!

I’m really sorry for the gap without posting, and I hope you guys have still decided to stick with my blog for the time being. I’ve been very busy with schoolwork and the holidays, and I guess my blog regrettably hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves.

I’d like to get back to blogging, but I’d also like to take many steps to improve my blog, and something that I think is absolutely necessary is to find out why you guys love New Jersey so much! I know I can’t be the only person who loves this state, so I’d like to know what about it you guys like! Feel free to leave a comment, or for longer suggestions or guest blog submissions, you can email me at kristenlovesnewjersey@gmail.com

I’m going to try to keep blogging on a regular basis, but thank you guys for sticking with me (:

Until next time,

Sandy: We Will Rebuild

It’s hard to look at the pictures of the shore, destroyed. Sand dunes in the streets, piers in the oceans, homes destroyed, boats thrown around like toys. It’s like watching your home being destroyed.

I know, however, that New Jerseyans are a resilient group of people. We care about each other. We’ve donated to each other, and we’ll see each other through any tragedy or hardship. Which is why, although I’m devastated, I’m not worried–we will rebuild and come back stronger than before ❤

Hurricane Sandy

So, New Jersey usually has very calm weather. This is very out of the ordinary.
But apparently Tropical Storm Sandy is expected to make landfall somewhere in South Jersey (right near where I live) as a tropical storm or Category 1 Hurricane.
Widespread power outages, flooding, inches to a foot of rain, and high winds are expected.
I’m actually pretty scared, but please stay safe! It’s important to bring in outside furniture or anything that could be blown around, have an emergency back up of food and water, and battery-powered weather radio.
Stay safe, readers. I’ll be back with an update on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when power comes back.
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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been so busy with school, just getting adjusted and used to the schedule. I hope you all are doing well back at school or work! I plan on blogging a little more now that I’ve settled in, especially since this weekend is a four day weekend; I’ll be able to write a few posts.

In order to best connect with all of you as we all stay busy, I recently made a Twitter! I’m really excited to use it and Tweet on the go about things I’m doing. If you’d like to follow me, my name is @thenewnewjersey I’m really excited to talk to all of you on there! And don’t worry, I still plan on posting here!

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June “Derecho”

Usually New Jersey doesn’t get bad storms. Not like this. But last Friday, June 29th, a powerful storm ripped through the state, leaving millions without power. Apparently it was strong enough to be considered a “derecho” but that meterology goes over my head. All I know is it thundered a lot, lightning struck a little too much, and winds knocked down trees and power lines. It’s expected that everyone will be restored by this Friday, but in the middle of a major heat wave, being electric-less is less than pleasant.

Hoping and praying for all who were affected ❤ Happy Fourth of July to you!

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