#12: Brigantine

For the past year and a half, I considered myself an Atlantic City girl. I lived to breathe the salt air that wafted off the ocean or to see the bright lights of the casinos.

I was wrong. Dead wrong. It turns out I’m a Brigantine girl at heart. Brigantine is an island city located right next to Atlantic City, and after my family’s sense of adventure led us there, we fell in love. The beaches are smaller and more secluded; they also seem cleaner. The sand is actually white instead of the off-gray often found on beaches, and the ocean is much bluer. The neighborhood is, in a word, quaint. I’ve found some shore towns feel very busy and city-like, but Brigantine doesn’t have a boardwalk or rushed feel to it. The houses seem like the type where kids go play in the backyard all day and walk the dog and it just seems perfect.

The only downfall is that Brigantine requires beach tags ($8.00 daily), but the beaches are so nice I believe it’s well worth it. Swimming, surfing and fishing are also allowed in certain parts of the beaches. All in all, Brigantine is a great place to spend a day with the family!

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**For more information, visit Brigantine’s official Website