#27: Stronger Than The Storm

It’s been just slightly under a year since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore and inland counties, and although we’ve made remarkable progress in recovering, there’s still work to be done. Sandy caused almost $37 billion in damages, including major floods, property damage and, most notably, extreme destruction to the shore points. Everyone has seen the now infamous pictures of the roller coaster stranded at sea, or the destroyed boardwalk of Seaside Heights. However, as last June rolled around New Jersey faced a new challenge: how to save the shores in time for the upcoming tourist season.

The first challenge was helping displaced citizens—Sandy’s higher-than-13-feet storm surges caused over $10 billion in property damages. Along the shore line, homes were swept away to sea, sand dunes meant to protect the towns were destroyed and larger items such as boats were thrown across cities. In many shore towns, evacuations lasted for weeks after the storm while military crews worked to clean up the mess. Thousands of people were left without power.

As those repairs were underway, so began the repairs of the shore. Boardwalks were destroyed, beaches were narrower due to erosion, and sand was thrown on the streets of the beach towns, making them impossible to drive on or pass through. The Jersey Shore is imperative to our economy, so it was important that crews started working right away. And now, about 10 months later, while there’s still a lot of work to do, we have made great strides towards recovering. The shore towns are repaired and open for business, just in time for the summer season. So come plan a visit, and let us show you why we are undoubtedly stronger than the storm.

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