#11: Let’s Yo!

Hi guys! I just got back from having what is quite possibly the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had! I got it from Let’s Yo, which is a new fro-yo place currently operating only in New Jersey, with the exception of two Florida locations.

I’d recently found out about this place on an adventure with some friends, and it’s quickly become my favorite hang-out. The décor is simple but modern. Everything is a sleek white with green accents, and iPads at a bar near the window for anyone to use. A big TV screen shows their Facebook page, and there’s plenty of seating both inside and out. At the back of the restaurant, there’s a wall of self-serve frozen yogurt machines with every flavor imaginable—piña colada, pink lemonade, peanut butter, chocolate…the best part is, since it’s self-serve, flavors can be mixed to form any combination you want.

After your yogurt is all mixed, there’s an array of toppings to choose from—pretzels, graham cracker crumbs, cereal, marshmallows, M&Ms, gummy bears, fruit and that’s just the beginning! I got pink lemonade with pretzels, gummy bears, marshmallows and fresh strawberries. It was absolutely delicious!

At 49 cents an ounce, it’s not expensive at all, and the pay-by-the-ounce is more convenient than any traditional way. Overall, Let’s Yo is a great frozen yogurt shop that everyone in New Jersey should check out (:

Until next time,


**For more information, check out Let’s Yo’s website here!


#10: Philadelphia Zoo

Hey guys! I’m so sorry it’s been such a long time, but I’ve been so busy doing a bunch of exciting things—but that just means I’ll have a lot to blog about for the next few days, right? (:

The first fun thing I did was go to the Philadelphia Zoo in early July. Located in Fairmount Park, America’s first zoo now boasts housing more than 1,000 animals—many of them rare or endangered. As soon as I arrived with my mom (we were supposed to meet my cousins but they ended up not being able to make it) we saw the cheetahs. I’m a huge fan of any cat, so I was ecstatic to see them. Next, we walked down to the Bald Eagle—where my mom was so overwhelmed with national pride she began singing our national anthem. It was nerdy and slightly embarrassing, but it’s also why I love my mom.

As we were walking, we passed camel rides and pony rides. Some of my best childhood memories happened on those camels or ponies, but I unfortunately think I’m a little big to be riding them now. The zoo also has face painting, a carousel and children’s zoo if you’re looking to go with your kids.

Our next stop was Big Cat Falls, where the lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards and pumas live. It’s set up to feel like you’re actually in the cat’s natural habitat. As a feline fan, I was overly excited to see the cats, and, like always, I wasn’t disappointed! We got to see lions up close, a tiger lying against the glass, and pumas roaming the exhibit.

Big Cat Falls is right next to the Primate House, so we ran in immediately, and I must say I think the monkeys are quite possibly my favorite zoo animal. They’re so humanlike! I think I could sit and watch them for hours. The gorilla was sitting right up by the glass, so we got an awesome close up—I included a picture. The zoo also recently welcomed a baby orangutan, and as we were watching the mother brought it right up to the glass and started cuddling it! As if that wasn’t cute enough, the baby leaned forward and kissed its mom. Cuteness overload!

Next was the Tortoise Trail. The tortoises were so big, it was hard to believe! I attached a picture of them too. By then we were starting to get tired, so we walked by the flamingos (which looked almost like lawn ornaments!) to get to Bear Country. There, you can see polar bears, black bears and grizzly bears. The grizzly bear seemed to be angrily pacing back and forth, but we knew we were safe behind the glass. The polar bear exhibit is, to me, very cool because you can choose to walk up and view it from above water or watch it swim through the water depending on where he is. The polar bear didn’t seem very playful when we were there, so we just let him be.

We visited the giraffes and zebras, and even got to see the giraffe bend down to get a drink from his pond—too cool! I really like giraffes and zebras too, so I was happy we got a chance to see them. Our last stop before we left was the Children’s Zoo. Normally we like the feed the goats and sheep in the petting zoo, but that day only one goat was out—a little disappointing to be honest.

Overall, we had an amazing day at the zoo. Even though it’s located in Philadelphia, it’s very close to Southern Jersey—less than half an hour from where I live. Although for some it may be a little bit of a long drive, I would definitely recommend it; it’s not only educational but also a great way to spend the day. My only complaint? Parking was atrocious; we were pointed in three different directions and when we were *finally* pointed in an actual lot, it turned out to be full despite the fact that the attendee was still letting multitudes of people in. But, don’t let that deter you from visiting the zoo!

Until next time,


**For more information on the zoo including hours and directions, visit their official website here

#9: It’s HOT

Doesn’t it suck when you go down the shore and the ocean breeze makes the beach chilly and unenjoyable?

Well, you won’t have to worry about that in New Jersey. Not recently anyway. It’s been HOT with a capital H O T. For the past 11 days New Jersey has been suffering through a heat wave, which means the temperatures have spiked over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, for example, we hit the triple digits.

Of course, heat can be incredibly dangerous, and with a lot of people still in the dark after last Friday’s storm, it can even be deadly. I’d personally prefer temperatures in the mid-eighties, but look on the bright-side–perfect beach weather.

Stay cool, friends.

Until next time,

#8: Fourth of July in Philadelphia

Happy belated Fourth of July to my American readers! As I’m sure you all know, Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of America. It’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and there are a plethora of historic and educational sites. I want to share them all with you eventually, but since yesterday was Independence Day, I thought a good introduction to Philadelphia would be to talk about the Fourth festivities.

Philadelphia is close to New Jersey, which is one of the things I like the best about New Jersey. It’s only about a twenty-minute ride from where I live. Their Fourth of July fest was stupendous, featuring fireworks (of course), historical information and musical acts by Queen Latifah, Joe Jonas and Common. There was food and music all day long. Even though I didn’t get to attend, I’m sure it was fun and look forward to many more Fourth of July’s near America’s birthplace.

I hope you all had a good Independence Day and are doing well!

Until next time,

June “Derecho”

Usually New Jersey doesn’t get bad storms. Not like this. But last Friday, June 29th, a powerful storm ripped through the state, leaving millions without power. Apparently it was strong enough to be considered a “derecho” but that meterology goes over my head. All I know is it thundered a lot, lightning struck a little too much, and winds knocked down trees and power lines. It’s expected that everyone will be restored by this Friday, but in the middle of a major heat wave, being electric-less is less than pleasant.

Hoping and praying for all who were affected ❤ Happy Fourth of July to you!

Until next time,