#5: Shore Introduction

Hi guys! It feels good to be able to blog on a Thursday for once! School ended on Tuesday, so I’m expecting to be able to blog a little more. Please, comment if you have any ideas for blog posts!

In honor of the start of the summer holiday, I thought I’d share a little bit about the shore points of New Jersey. There’s so much to do at every beach, so rather than try to fit it all into one blog post, I’m going to talk about a different attraction in each individual post. As an introduction, here’s a list of my favorite shores that I’m going to be talking about this summer:

  • Ocean City, New Jersey—My childhood vacation destination and one of my favorite shore points; I consider myself quite the connoisseur
  • Wildwood, New Jersey—Vacation 2010 destination! Another awesome place to be during the summer days
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey—A recently discovered shore I’ve come to love
  • Seaside Heights, New Jersey—What can I say? I have to defend the Jersey Shore setting!

I’m excited to share a little about each shore with you. And, as always, feel free to leave comments about your favorite Jersey shore point and things to do (:

Until next time,



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