#7: Atlantic City Introduction

Hello, readers! I had a little bit of a disappointment this weekend. I was supposed to go down to Atlantic City last Friday. I was excited to have some new experiences to share with you, but the weather forecast was calling for scattered thunderstorms all day Friday—not the best shore weather. Even though that wasn’t a guarantee for bad weather, we decided not to chance it. It ended up storming up and down the shoreline all day, so it turned out to be a good decision.

Although I could tell you about Atlantic City from memory, I realized I haven’t even formally introduced you to the shore, so I’m going to take this opportunity to do that. Atlantic City is a Southern shore point, located in the appropriately named Atlantic County.  Despite being known for its 12 casinos and being called the “Las Vegas of New Jersey,” the city retains a friendly family-like atmosphere on the boardwalk and actual beach. One plus is that Atlantic City is one of the points where you don’t have to pay to get on the beach.

Monopoly fans will be excited to visit the place the board game is based off of. It’s a family game to call out the color of the street as we’re driving down it: “Tennessee Avenue? That’s an orange!” Although not all of the streets and landmarks are still alive and boasting the original names, it’s still a cool piece of history to visit.

Atlantic City is also a popular shopping destination, with the Atlantic City outlets just a short walk from the boardwalk. The outlets are a fun place to walk around and just window shop—you can have a great time without spending a single cent!

Of course, I plan to blog much more about Atlantic City, especially during the summer when I’ll be down there a lot. This post was just to tell you a little basic information about the city. I’m excited to share more with you!

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**For more information, you can visit Atlantic City’s website here


#6: Lenox Warehouse

Atlantic City is full of warehouses and outlets, and they’re famous for it. But a close-by warehouse you may not know about is the Lenox Warehouse in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Lenox has several other outlets in New Jersey, but since I’ve only been to the warehouse in Egg Harbor, that’s the one I’ve chosen to write about. I actually took a family trip down Atlantic City last Friday, so I’m planning on sharing quite a few of those experiences with you, starting with the Lenox Warehouse.

My mom is the Lenox fan of the family, so she was the one most excited about going. The warehouse itself is new, having recently moved. Inside, you can find a plethora of Lenox dishware and gifts. Our entire family enjoyed looking around—a 16 year old girl, a 21 year old brother, and a dad. The selection is bigger than that of a department store, and unlike online shopping, there are no shipping charges.

The prices in the Lenox Warehouse are also significantly cheaper—as you can see from the pictures, they boast 90% off sales and large-scale sales. For gifts for any occasion, or even just to shop for things to dress up your own house, the Lenox Warehouse is a great place to go.
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The view as you walk in

A look inside the warehouse

A peak at all the things for sale!

Beautiful dinnerware

#5: Shore Introduction

Hi guys! It feels good to be able to blog on a Thursday for once! School ended on Tuesday, so I’m expecting to be able to blog a little more. Please, comment if you have any ideas for blog posts!

In honor of the start of the summer holiday, I thought I’d share a little bit about the shore points of New Jersey. There’s so much to do at every beach, so rather than try to fit it all into one blog post, I’m going to talk about a different attraction in each individual post. As an introduction, here’s a list of my favorite shores that I’m going to be talking about this summer:

  • Ocean City, New Jersey—My childhood vacation destination and one of my favorite shore points; I consider myself quite the connoisseur
  • Wildwood, New Jersey—Vacation 2010 destination! Another awesome place to be during the summer days
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey—A recently discovered shore I’ve come to love
  • Seaside Heights, New Jersey—What can I say? I have to defend the Jersey Shore setting!

I’m excited to share a little about each shore with you. And, as always, feel free to leave comments about your favorite Jersey shore point and things to do (:

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#4: Garden State Discovery Museum

Some of my best childhood memories come from a museum.

Yes, I said a museum. But before you call me a nerd, you have to understand exactly what museum I’m talking about. The Garden State Discovery Museum, located in Cherry Hill, is a hands-on museum that’s also, although as a child I never realized it, quite educational. I clearly remember my favorite exhibits, and I’m almost certain they’re still there.

The Museum hosts an Action News set, where your child can pretend to be a news anchor, be a meteorologist or work the camera. I always used to love the weather map with magnets where I could broadcast any weather forecast I desired.

If you get hungry, there’s a diner where kids prepare all the food and then serve the adults, or a grocery store section where you can weigh fruit and then ring yourself up.

If you’re not feeling too well, you can visit the Doctor’s Office—all doctors have a pre-school degree. Or, drop by the Vet’s Office to make sure Fluffy and Fido are doing well.

This is just the beginning of all the activities you can participate in at the Garden State Discovery Museum. You can blow a life-size bubble around yourself and pet wildlife too. If you live in New Jersey, be thankful for all the learning you’ve undoubtedly done here.

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